Had Enough? 10 Ways To Breakup With Her Without Being An Ass!


“Falling in love is easy – breaking up gracefully is hard”

Some guide to dating sites has made it possible for relations to blossom via internet platforms, introducing an entirely different approach to the concept of falling in love as well as breaking up. Incidentally, while falling in love is one of the greatest experiences for persons involved, breaking up defines a heart-breaking moment that neither you nor your date would ever remember fondly. However, if you’ve been dating online for a while but for some reasons it becomes necessary to end things, learning how to break up with grace and etiquette can help protect you and the person you’re leaving from suffering more pain than already unnecessary.

Don’t Try The Disappearing Act


“Disappearing – It means you’re a coward”

You want to break up and already have your reasons, right? In that case, be brave enough to “face” your date and let him or her know you want out. It’s understandable for you to want to end things quickly and the easy way, especially with no much agony on your part. Well, that’s cowardly and inconsiderate of the person you’re leaving. Thus, don’t cut all online communication and disappear without telling your girlfriend or boyfriend that you’re actually breaking up with them. Contacting someone you want to break up with online will help a great deal when it comes to closure for the both of you.

Choose an Appropriate Platform to Discuss the Break Up


“Break up over IM to avoid drama”

Guide to dating sites offer several tools for communication such as instant messaging (text chat), email, or video chat, which may suit a break up discussion depending on your circumstances. Choose instant messaging to express straight forward intentions as well as receive instant feedback. You may also do it via video chat, if your partner is okay with it, and you’ve got issues with face-to-face break up discussions. Don’t prioritize emailing unless your partner refuses to respond instantly.

Maintain Honesty throughout the Discussion

Being honest while breaking up entails going straight to the point and making it clear to your partner that you want out. Just say, “I’m not into us anymore,” and of course explain it. Don’t fake reasons as to why the relationship didn’t work or try to make it sound like your own fault. Avoid lines such as, “Babe it’s not you, it’s just that, you know I just can’t….” For one, no one believes such an excuse for breaking up. If anything, your partner may figure out you’re just trying to make them feel better, and just fault themselves for not being lovable. Worse still, assuming somebody believed that you actually left them for no fault of their own or for no particular reason; do you know how much that hurts? Do you have an idea of how it feels to be nice and lovable and still get dumped and hurt? Just be honest and tell why the relationship is not working for you, especially if there was something going already.

Be Considerate And Exercise Emotional Intelligence


“Don’t let the emotions get the best of you”

Breaking up with someone is painful and entails that you be smart enough to know what to say and how to say it right, without “adding insult to injury” and whipping up emotions. You should get to the break up discussion knowing it’s going to be intense, highly emotional and someone is going to get hurt. Also, don’t dwell on your partner’s flaws. Thus, if you’re breaking up because you never felt a “connection”, you can say it without insisting that your partner’s serious flaws ruined the relationship.
A good way to avoid whipping up emotions is to resist being drawn into an extended rational or logical debate about your reasons. Love and relationships are never based on scientific or rational formulas and the same goes for breaking up. Thus, kindly don’t waste time justifying your decision.
Also, choose the high road, when faced with an acrimonious argument that may involve hurling insults or hurtful words at each other. Recognizing the fact that your decision to break up with someone is going to hurt them, calls for a level of restrain on your part, even when you’ve got reason to feel hurt.

Don’t Make it All about You


“Stop being selfish and listen to your partner as well”

When breaking up with someone you met online, it’s important for you to appreciate that they have a say and stake in the relationship too. Thus, talk and listen patiently. This should be a discussion that can give your partner a good chance at closure; don’t deny them it by talking continuously or ignoring the things they say and just closing the chat window. Listening will also help you give appropriate responses that conform to your resolve to walk away.
Equally important, put yourself in your partner’s shoes and treat them as you’d want yourself treated by someone leaving you. This will help keep good levels of mutual respect while holding break up discussions.

Be Firm About Your Decision


“Stay firm on your decision and don’t let it drag out”

You suggest breaking up but your online date won’t take it without a fight, what do you do? Don’t be swayed or tricked into postponing the breakup. Stay kind and insist that you can’t be lovers or an item any more. If your partner suggests continued friendship, don’t accept it unless it’s fine with you; they’re likely not ready to let go but giving in on your part will prolong the painful process of breaking up.
One way of staying on course when you want to break up with someone is resisting the urge to be overly affectionate and say sweet things about them. Avoid displays of affection and don’t say more than you need to. The good thing with breaking up using this guide to dating sites is that you’ve got the option of text messaging, which is appropriate when you want to use just a few words to break up with someone.

End It Once And For All

Avoid any form of correspondence especially soon after breaking up, when wounds haven’t healed yet. Say goodbye nicely and move on, resisting attempts to establish contact via email, online chat or phone. If you “un-friend” your ex on Facebook, maintain status quo.

Don’t Feel Too Awful About It

There is nothing great to feel about breaking up with someone, except the hope that it’s for the best interests of the both of you. However, don’t torment yourself for walking out of an unworkable relationship. Likewise, don’t make it seem like it’s more than a date if it’s not. Thus, appreciate the fact that your online relationship was probably based on false hope, fantasy and not real chemistry, physical interaction and accurate knowledge of each other. Chances are that such a relationship was bound to fail and the question was when and not if.
You must also make sure that you are not wasting your time on a fake site. You can spot fake sites and people on online dating sites. Learn how to Spot Scammers Quickly: Learn How Scammer Operate On Dating Sites. You can use this guide to dating sites for finding the right person with whom you can have a long term relationship. While it’s awesome to find love or other forms of relations via guide to dating sites, breaking up the same way can take a heavy toll on the feelings of the persons involved. Yet, sometimes thing just don’t work out as expected and you find yourself having to confront someone you’ve had wonderful times with online and tell them you want out. The good thing is that you can handle a break up with such a person amicably and cause them as little emotional turmoil as possible. If you approach breaking up online with the etiquette and grace it deserves, you too can walk out of the relationship feeling much better.

Cliché Presents That Are Not Good For Your Fling

Every girl dreads the same old presents over and over again, and you should keep that in mind when you are out gift-shopping for your lady. There are a lot of different presents out there that are fantastic, but these are the ones that you should really avoid gifting at all costs, unless your new fling specifically requests them and asks for them with full knowledge that it’s a crappy cliché! Unfortunately, a lot of top fling websites think these are akin to giving her solid gold –just ignore that, unless she wants them. Otherwise, avoid these things like the plague!



“Flowers are a good gift but it has become a cliché present”

Seriously, don’t do it. There’s really nothing romantic anymore about a bouquet of flowers unless you’re going to do it Victorian style with a message in every blossom that you’ve handpicked. No girl wants flowers anymore because the thing is, they are already dead, and will just take up space in an office vase until they eventually wilt and die. There’s not much romantic about that, if you really think about it!

If you have to give her flowers, give her a flower that’s actually living. Orchids are actually an amazing gift that a lot of top fling websites overlook. They’re lovely, require only sunlight and water, and make an amazing addition to any home or office. They are also a lot more exotic than a bouquet full of daisies, and she’ll probably enjoy the aesthetic a lot more as well.

Trendy Jewelry


“Gift her only if she is really into this type of jewelry”

Jewelry like Pandora beads, unless she’s an avid collector of that sort of thing, and other trendy charms or styles usually isn’t the way to go. Trends are just that–trends, fleeting things that won’t mean anything years from now–and even if she’s just a fling, you should still treat her with a bit more respect than that.

If you’re going to get her jewelry, make sure it actually has some meaning to it. You want to research what she likes in particular, and find out what kind of jewelry she really prefers to wear. If she doesn’t like wearing necklaces, then try for bracelets or rings instead. As always, don’t go too overboard when it comes to jewelry. You want to gift her something that she will actually wear, and not leave at home to be sold at a pawn shop when she’s low on cash. Something that she likes and enjoys will be a far greater gift.



“Although chocolates are evergreen gifts in the dating world, you can still do better”

This is probably one of the most obnoxious cliché gifts you can ever give a girl. It doesn’t matter if she’s a one-time fling or not–chocolates are ridiculous, eye-roll inducing, and really not worth anything in the scale of time. Top fling websites will insist on you showing up at her door with flowers and chocolates, but that’s an antiquated romantic idea, and unless she’s into that sort of thing, really steer clear from it. Your girl might not even like chocolates at all, so what good is that box of 100 different gourmet chocolates going to do you if she won’t even eat it?

If you want to feed her something, figure out what she actually likes. If she has a favorite takeout restaurant, surprise her by ordering her favorite foods there and have them unexpectedly delivered to her door. That will bring a lot more points in your favor than a box of chocolates that she may or may not periodically pick at when she feels the need to have that weird coconut truffle.

Cheesy Poetry Books


“Give her the books written by her favorite authors”

Please, no. Do not give your girlfriend something like this unless she’s big on poetry, and loves the old, cheesy romance of it all. Chances are, though, that she’s a normal girl, and isn’t really interested in that sort of thing at all. There’s no point in gifting her anything that she isn’t going to want, read, or appreciate at all. It will just make you look lazy and cheap, and make it very clear that you didn’t put any thought into this gift at all.

Instead of a cheesy poetry book, how about some books that you know she enjoys? Maybe she’s been coveting the hardback edition of a few of her favorite novels for a few months now. Opt for that instead, and really see her face light up. If you don’t know exactly what she likes reading, you can get her a gift certificate to Barnes and Nobles. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a gift certificate. A lot of people seem to think that it’s cold and impersonal, and sure, a lot of top fling websites will tell you that, but you can just ignore them with a big middle finger. It’s pretty doubtful that you’ll ever date a girl that doesn’t like having free money to spend on the crap that she really wants in life.

The Old Dinner and a Movie Trope


“A dinner and movie date at home has become old-fashioned”

Here’s the thing: dinner and a movie dates can be great once in awhile. If that’s your gift, though, then you need to absolutely take it above and beyond. Your girlfriend will know that you are just coping out because you don’t have any other ideas about how to treat her and make her feel special.

If you are going to take her out to dinner, then you need to take her out to one of the best restaurants in town that she has been dying to go to. If it isn’t the best restaurant, then at least make sure it’s the restaurant that she’s been dying to go for quite some time now. Maybe she’s told you about it a few times over now and you’re finally taking her out there as a gift. She’ll be thrilled, and that will show that you care, far and beyond taking her out to some random place that is touted as ‘romantic.’

Rather than a movie, take her out to a play or musical that she’s wanted to see a lot more. Or heck, if she does want to go to a movie, make sure she gets to pick the one that the two of you see that night. Remember that this is about gifting her and not stroking your own ego and interests. You want to make her happy with whatever gift you treat her towards!

If it’s a musical that the two of you go and see, or even a concert, maybe you can make the gift that much more special by procuring backstage tickets, or a chance for some kind of a meet-and-greet or autograph session. She will probably be thrilled, and remember this time and time again as an amazing gift!

Now, some fling sites may not have all the information that you seek about giving an appropriate present but you can read our honest reviews at flingdatingtactics.com and find out the top fling websites for 2013. You can take pointers from these top sites and avoid cliché presents. It’s also really easy to turn those cliché gifts into something a heck of a lot more, so think about what she likes, and twist that cliché around into something more interesting for her so that she actually remembers the gift, remembers you, and realizes that you are taking the time to give a care about her and whatever occasion it is that you guys are celebrating.

3 Tips To Get Her To Reveal Her Sexual Fantasies

Between men and women, it’s usually the woman who is reluctant to share her sexual desires to her partner. Although this is true in most situations, the majority of women actually have deep and dark sexual fantasies that they’re afraid to share most especially to men. A lot of women aren’t comfortable talking about their secrets in bed. Some of them are just waiting for a guy who they are comfortable with, someone they can confess to. So how do you get her to open up these fantasies to you? Here are 3 tips that will make your woman confess to you.

1.) Initiate a conversation

Start small and focus on topics that she can easily talk about. Ask her what her work is all about. Know more about her hobbies. Find out what her childhood secret is. Respond properly and look for opportunities that will make her reveal her untold stories.

2.) Let her reveal the wildest moment she had with her pals

A woman lets her guard down when she’s with friends. She does what her pals do. She doesn’t mind doing what she doesn’t normally do because she wants to fit in. Getting to know her wildest experiences with her friends is the ticket to knowing how wild she can be. Let her reminisce. She’ll eventually talk about them to you.

It’s typical for a woman not to reveal all the details of her wildest encounters. What they do is talk about the experiences their friends had. Considering that they’re good pals, she most probably has done the same. Just make sure not to judge her. Never make rude side remarks. Don’t ruin her mood. Let her go on and on.

Try these 7 ways to turn her

Try these 7 ways to turn her

3.) Share one of your secrets to her

When you share a secret to her, she’ll trust you and reveal hers too. Be detailed so your story is believable. She’ll be challenged to give more details than you. Once you’re done exchanging secrets, it’s time for you to go for the kill. Let her tell you a secret that’s not lame. Fire her up. Divulge dirty secrets if she doesn’t give in. She’ll be more comfortable and will eventually talk about her deepest and darkest sexual fantasies.

to get her to sign a 'sex

to get her to sign a ‘sex

Whatever she tells you, make sure you don’t laugh at her. It took her a lot of courage to finally share her sexual fantasies to a guy. You’re lucky she decided to reveal it to you. The best thing you can do is to reward her. You can buy her a drink or invite her to go on another date with you. Or maybe you should take her home and make her fantasies come true. She’ll be thankful she shared her secrets to you.

5 Shocking Myths About Organic Food

In a world ridden of processed and sugar-rich food, finding out that they’re harvested from farms using pesticides and herbicides to protect their produce doesn’t make things any easier for us consumers. Where do we turn to now? Good thing there’s organic food to protect us—or will it, really? It seems like there’s more and more manufacturers claiming they’ve gone back to being organic once more. But here’s the thing—not all organic foods and components are made equal. In other words, not everything you consume that has “organic” included in the label is good for you. Finding it hard to believe? Keep on reading to find out what other facts about organic foods were kept hidden from you from the very start.

Organic Food Tastes A Whole Lot Better

The truth is, there’s not much difference when it comes to the taste of both organic and non-organic foods. There was a study, however, conducted in apples and the former seemed to have gotten away with the honor of being better in taste. But everything seems to have evened out after that—fruits, veggies, grains, and the like.

There’s No More Need To Wash Organic Fruits And Vegetables

Germs are germs, and it doesn’t matter if you bought it from the docks or the supermarket, you still need to make sure you wash it thoroughly unless you want bad bacteria to thrive in it. This rings true especially to fresh produce that sprouts from the ground.

It’s Healthier

Just because it’s organic doesn’t automatically mean that it’s more nutritional. You should be more concerned by how long it has been sitting on the shelf; because the longer that it does, the more of its nutrition it loses.

Avocados have thick skins that

Avocados have thick skins that

It’s Better To Eat

If you eat junk food a lot and switch to chips that says it’s made of organic ingredients, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better for you. You’re just picking the lesser of two evils, because in essence, they will still be called junk food until the end.

It’s More Environment-Friendly

In a sense, it is. It doesn’t have harmful chemicals and pesticides that can contaminate the soil, but you know what? Organic food takes longer to grow which means it’s going to take twice or thrice the farming space needed to keep up with what non-organic farming can produce. Can you imagine how many acres of forest would have to be cut down if every farm went organic instead?

Organic foods are supposed to

Organic foods are supposed to

So you see folks, not everything you know about organic foods are complete truth. But there are other facts that hold true, though. Because animals in organic farms are given more space to roam and be free, it’s more humane to cows, chickens, and goats, etcetera. And the mere fact that it’s saying it’s organic on the label means that the ingredients used are at least ninety five percent organic. There’s no need for you to worry that you’re not getting what you’re paying for because let’s face it, organic foods are pricier. Think about that.

Home Buying For The First Time: 5 Tips To Have A Good Deal

Finally! You’re now going to procure a house you can consider your very own. With the current economic trend nowadays it may seem impractical for you to own a house. Nonetheless, family and friends keep on insisting that you buy your own home. Are you also caught up in the same difficult situation? Buying a house can be pretty daunting, especially for first-time homebuyers. There’s always that hint of doubt as to whether or not you’ll be able to take the responsibility for owning the house and the additional expenses that come with it. Nonetheless, this can also be a sign of independence as you now become your own landlord that equates to not anymore having to pay rent but choose a mortgage instead which is considered to be more substantial than the latter. If you’re among those clueless, first-time homebuyers I have here the five rudimentary tips towards buying the house of your dreams.

Compare Prices

First-time homebuyers are usually ecstatic to finally move in to their new house that they may wind up buying the house they first see. This can be both good and bad. Nonetheless, before making any thoughtless decisions try to browse the Internet first. It’s here that you practically get firsthand information of houses for sale. Better yet, use MLS listings in your area like Zillow and Trulia. With these you’ll be able to compare prices as well as find out houses which personally fit your preferences.

Buying a home is an investment

Buying a home is an investment

Ocular Survey

Buying a house shouldn’t be done in a blur. You really have to take time to look for houses around. There are limits, however, as to how many houses you can visit per day. According to home-buying experts, the maximum number of houses you can see daily is 7. If you go beyond this figure your brain suffers an information overload.

Consider Prices

So you’ve already spotted the house you’ve long dreamt of? Well, it’s doesn’t necessarily mean that you can buy it readily. Make some considerations on the price first. Is this something you can afford to pay for in the long run? For more accurate calculations, you may make use of a home affordability calculator. MSN Real Estate has this. This will also give you a hint on how much you’ll be paying for taxes and insurances.

Find a Good Home Inspector

Finding a reliable home inspector is just as important as looking for a competent real estate agent as the former would help you veer away from making avoidable expenditures in the future. You can always solicit referrals from family and friends.

Searching for a Home Inspector

Searching for a Home Inspector

Financial Security

Although you’ve already deliberately decided to buy a particular house, the process still doesn’t stop there. Furthermore, you have to ensure that you are financially ready and secured as there might be additional expenses in the long run, like changing roofs, repainting walls amongst others. These are just a few of the home-buying tips for all the first-timers out there. May you find these tips helpful in avoiding minefield in the future.

5 Warning Signs That You Have to Quit Your Job

It’s hard to have a job that you don’t love. Waking up each morning is so hard. The sound you dread the most is the sound of your alarm clock. It means that you have to get up and head to the office. Initially, you won’t feel that your job is robbing you off the happiness you deserve. Later on, you’ll realize that it’s the best time for you to bid adieu to your job. There are signs that it is indeed time to look elsewhere. Here are 5 signs that it’s time to quit your job:

  1. Money is your only motivation.

You need money for you to survive. But if that’s the only reason why you’re keeping your job, you should start looking for another one. It isn’t healthy for you and for the company. You need to have passion for you to excel. Also, you deserve to be happy. Sticking to your work won’t give you fulfilment.

  1. You hate going to work each day.

You always find an excuse not to go to work. You suffer from habitual tardiness. You simply hate going to work. If that’s how you feel, start looking for a new one. Your current job will affect your life and can even result in depression.

do you hate going to work

do you hate going to work

  1. Your career hasn’t progressed for years.

It is important for your career as well as your salary to progress. If you are stuck and find your work to be boring and you don’t see any growth, you have to consider leaving your job. Doing the same things over and over again is boring and you’ll be worn out in no time.

  1. You start to have personal issues and health problems because of your work.

When you are overworked and start to lose your personal life, you have to think about moving on. You need work-life balance. Don’t let it reach the point where you’ll start to have health issues.

Evans hasn't progressed since

Evans hasn’t progressed since

  1. Negativity takes over your life.

You’re negative about everything including your colleagues and other work matters. Sadly, you take the negativity home and it starts to affect your friends and family. It isn’t healthy for you. Don’t settle for a job that makes you unhappy or else negativity will take over your life.

These signs should not be ignored. Then again, it doesn’t mean that you have to leave your job immediately. Don’t be in a hurry. You have to be prepared and start looking for a new job. This time it has to fit your qualifications and experience. More importantly, it should be something that you love doing. And when you’re sure about quitting, inform your supervisor first. Let your colleagues know about your decision personally if possible. Thank everyone for the experience and don’t forget to keep in touch with these people. Remember that you only despised the job and not the people around you